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It's time to start channeling your inner priestess, Virgo. Did you know that Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac? I know, this deck couldn't be more appropriate.

How Each Tarot Card Connects To Astrology & A Zodiac Sign

Plus, how gorgeous are these images, though? This charming deck is based off the European tarot de Marseille, which for the record, oozes all things Venus. Who's the witchiest witch of them all, Scorpio? I know, you are, which is precisely why you need this glam goth tarot deck in your life, ASAP. There's nothing Sagittarius loves more than the unknown. This wild deck was designed by Kim Krans, and features 78 cards loaded with intricate magic and mystery — which we all know happens to be right up Sagittarius' alley.

Are you ready, Sag?

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Adventure awaits. This deck of cards is oozing Capricorn vibes. There's nothing this earth sign loves more than tradition, and the red and black aesthetic gives the tarot deck rustic and vintage feels.

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Aquarius loves to rebel, and these electric Cosmic Cards might just do the trick. This epic deck isn't an ordinary tarot deck; on the contrary, it features original artworks by graphic designer Julie Catona, owner of Future Illustrations , and powerful mantras.

The water bearer loathes tradition, and this deck is totally rebellious. Get enlightened, Aquarius. Intuition is an understatement when referring to Pisces, and the Luminous Spirit tarot deck, for that matter. It's the start or rekindling of relationships that are passionate, romantic, inspiring and fulfilling— with the potential to renew your appreciation for life itself.

Take a moment to celebrate, appreciate and reflect upon this journey and all of your hard work and often unnoticed efforts. You need to be reminded to smell the roses from time to time—like now!

What is Tarot, anyway?

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