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The Astrology of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

Cancer zodiac is rising in Navamsha Chart of Prince George birth chart and the mutual aspect relationship between the Sun and Moon is intact. Jupiter has become debilitated though and is joined by Saturn and exalted Mars in seventh house. Venus has improved upon its placement and occupying its own zodiac sign in eleventh house; while, Mercury has become debilitated in ninth house and also joined by Rahu.

Most of the astrological analysis and astrologers, available on internet, are suggesting the horoscope of Prince George to be very strong and prominent. I may be wrong; however, if the provided birth details are correct, things are likely to remain difficult for His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

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He may be short tempered, aggressive and dominant in his approach. May experience problems in expressing or communicating his views and opinions and may also lack appropriate control and command on his reactions during difficult circumstances.

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There may be frequent health issues or fear of injuries; although, the longevity is looking good. There may be trouble to parents or he may have to live away from his parents. The union of Mercury with Jupiter is generating a good Dhana Yoga and the involvement of Mars is adding to the potency. Therefore, the presence of one Raj Yoga intact in his Navamsha Chart and positive influences of Jupiter and Mars on Mercury may remain supportive in terms of finance and status. The real basis for any meaningful prediction though is surely what will happen and when will it happen?

I am not sure your comments could count as fitting either definition yet.

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I still need to look at things like transiits, profections and solar returns. However, as an initial take on this I am going to stick my neck out here and plump for the period So what will happen here? A life threatening illness or even death? Alternatively death of a close relative? The death of the Queen or more shockingly Prince William would move George one place closer in the line of succession. A lot more study to be done by us all but I do appreciate you bringing our attention to these themes.

I have a thread on Skyscript where I have been discussing this topic. You might also we interested in the House of Windsor chart I am promoting there.

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We would value any additional insights you have over there. They are only about 7 degrees apart in the zodiac, which corresponds very roughly to age 7.

The Royal Prince

Depending on whether you direct with or without latitude, the year the direction of Mercury to Mars becomes exact is either around or , that is, around ages or As you note, Mars is lord 6 by whole sign houses. As you point out, the death of the Queen is a possibility.

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She is getting old and it would not be surprising if she were to die when the baby turned or I would not make a prediction by primary directions alone. It is important to refer to the natal chart and other predictive techniques such as solar returns, transits, secondary progressions, etc.

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I have not had the time to look at these closely, which is why I did not comment further in the post about the meaning of this primary direction. It will be a hidden child, or hidden, with an introverted personality, mysterious, silent?. If we relate the birth of the Child Heir to the Charter of England, Pluto shows that the child is over the MC of Albion, this shows that a major restructuring is coming.

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