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He touched the human hearts with his teachings and sowed the seeds of spirit of Love and service.

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Posted by sriharsha pottem at Email This BlogThis! It should be of ruled paper and bound in an orange-red cover. This colour is used as a signal to indicate to the Masters and their disciples that you are ready to receive instructions and practise them in daily life. The book should be carried with you throughout the day and at the same time it should not be kept open for anyone to go through it. Any attempt to show and popularise should be avoided.

The attempt to keep it a secret should be passive and should not gain prominence. Once fixed, try to keep the place unchanged. If a change is inevitable indicate it mentally to your unknown Master on the previous day itself. The room should not be used for any purpose other than meditation and study. The time for meditation should always be the same. Keep a photo of a Master or a deity at a particular place in the room. North or east are recommended. Keep an incense lighted before the altar. Sandalwood incense is preferable. You can sit in any posture convenient to your constitution.

Exactly at the appointed hour invoke the Master or the deity, folding your hands in Namaskarams mudra. The mudra indicates joining of the two palms in a gesture of salutation, which indicates self-surrender to one's Higher Self, or Guru, or God. If thoughts emerge observe them.

When you observe, the emerged thought dissolves.

Divine Masters

If you do not observe it, it leads you astray. The water ritual Abhishekam aims at the manifestation of the electric power from the invisible to the visible planes. Water in its subtlest form is electricity. The waters of the earth are nothing but the waters of the heaven. The waters represent the subtle and the gross. What we see as water is the physical form of energy.

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Therefore, we get energized when we drink or take a shower. The energy has a cyclic movement, from the subtle to the gross and from the gross to the subtle. NA stands for evolution; RA stands for the involution of the Cosmic Person in whom we live, move and have our existence. The descent of the Lord happens through the descent of the waters.

The souls ascend again through the ascending waters. This path of ascent and descent exists also in a month in form of the ascending and descending moon phases. With the oceans the moon causes the tides, and it has something to do with the magnetic currents of water and ether. In the course of the year we have the ascending and descending movement in the northern and southern course of the sun. The waters of the earth also have this tw of old movement. Through the sun they are taken up into the sky, through the rain they come down again.

While being lifted up the polluted water is purified and distilled again into drinking water. In former days, rainwater was considered to be the purest water; but we have polluted our atmosphere and a layer of contamination has formed around the planet created by the industries. Hence, we are of ten not able to straightaway drink that water. Also, the oceans and nearly all the rivers are polluted and the water has first to be treated before we can drink it.

We need to make sure that we purify the waters of the earth and also keep pure the waters in our body through right eating and drinking, through right desire and thinking. As soon as there is a disturbance on the emotional plane the water of emotions is brought to a boil. Each time we shed tears, we pay back for earlier acts, where others had to shed tears on account of us. Thus, through pain we neutralise the. Thus, through pain we neutralise the effects of previous acts and transform the emotions.

Emotion is like muddy water; when it is purified, it becomes the crystal clear water of devotion. Devotion and love develop a fine sense for the feeling of other people. These pure, subtle feelings are compared to the pure etheric waters of heaven. Adaptability We cannot divide the spirit and the soul, the soul and the body, just like there is no demarcation between the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Ocean — in truth, there is only one ocean.

All is indivisibly one, but we divide it with our mind to be able to understand. In each one of us the Divine exists in our form. The soul itself has no form. However, it appears in a form and according to the form. It is the basis of all formation. However, it is not the form; it is also neither male nor female.

When we fill a bowl with water the water takes the shape of the bowl.

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It always adapts its form according to the container, but maintains a horizontal level on its surface. It is the same with the pure existence.

The water in the different forms and states is only one water. Its substance remains the same, whether it transforms to vapour, water or ice. However, it has totally different qualities according to the state — clouds are subtler than water, ice is denser. But there is no difference in the essence. Its forms of appearance as snowflakes, ice crystals, waves or cloud formations are of a stunning variety.

As a child, he read books on Indian Mythology. As a grown-up, he was drawn to the knowledge reflecting lectures of great saints and great souls. During his college days, his favorite way of spending time was attending the lectures of Master E. No wonder, he imbibed a vast ocean of knowledge. And the all of it was for the welfare of mankind!!! The versatile humanitarian was always seen clad in white clothes, a face lit up with serene smile and eyes reflecting his wealth of knowledge. He alleviated the medical, psychological, physical and diverse other problems of the suffering via medicines and simple yet effective, mostly spiritual remedies.

He served people in countless ways, assuming various roles as per the need of the hour - like a loving mother, affectionate father, ideal teacher, strict spiritual master, well wisher, a jovial friend, guide and so on and so forth. Here are the main keys to Master P.


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On top of everything, there she was!! His better half Smt. Malatamma, who extended her priceless cooperation to him in every possible way, to the extent of feeding the patients, who were sometimes given shelter in his residence, for receiving treatment. Master P. The good daily routine he kept and maintained stands as a proof to it. It included in order — Morning Prayer 6 a. He went back home sweet home, only at p. The two hours between p. He utilized his spare lunch time too providing free treatment to patients in Adarshnagar, close to his office.

He strongly believed in Master E. He put heart and soul into his belief, so much so that God too had blessed the modern saint with rare divine visitations many a time. A few instances of divine visitations in Master P.

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He had the vision of Lord Hayagreeva, during meditation, on the full-moon day of Magha Poornima. Service to mankind through medical aid was what Master E. Therefore, Master E. Since then, Master P.

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There are hundreds of cases when he spent the whole of the night attending the patient. There were about 10 to 15 places in the whole of the twin cities where he ran charitable Homoeopathy medical dispensaries. He extended his service to places other than the twin cities also, where he visited once in a month or two. He conducted daily evening classes in Homoeopathy, and occasional prolonged symposiums, training in the theory and practice of Homoeopathy and thus gifted countless homoeopathy doctors like him to the society, who are carrying out his mission successfully.

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Classes on other subjects:. For two long years, he conducted classes on Astrology. He conducted classes to elucidate certain special rituals explaining their inner meanings. He conducted classes to throw light on the 93 types of meditations given by Master E. Apart from the above, Master P. He became immortal during the auspicious Brahma Muhurta period of the 14th May of , on the auspicious day of Vaisakha Suddha Ekadasi.

When the news of his leaving mortal reached his followers, acquaintances and well-wishers, their whole world came crashing down around them. My Master E.