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To verify, just follow the link in the message. Navbharat Times. Featured Today In Travel. Unrealistic expectations can be modified in order to improve your outcomes. You can explore options with loving grace. Your self is more in line with your higher power and unconditional love for flaws or shortcomings can be worked on in gentle ways. Today's Sun harmonizes with tenacious energy as it communicates with Mars. Stubbornness may take a slight kick to the knee when Mars is in the 2nd house. During the Sun transit of Pisces, your higher power is ever near you. The zodiac sign Pisces, like the water sign Cancer, is the symbol of universal love and cosmic faithfulness.

Think of all the times when you thought you hit a bottom and despaired. You found a different way to do things and survive. Memories of those intense moments can come up today for healing as the Pisces Sun harmonizes with Saturn asking for new directions and life changes that are permanent.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Your life purpose can put your feet on the right path in a flash, now that the Sun is in a hard aspect with chaotic Uranus in Aries. However, the next 7 years have a promise to bring you to new heights and to transform your life so that you feel proud of your accomplishments. Like other times before, you'll look back and realize how strong you are, how amazing your life is, and all the good things that you are able to do even when it seems the odds are stacked against you.

There's always a time for healing and each day continues the growth from the past to make you stronger. If you've come to realize how far you've gone, it's also good to remember how far you still have to go. Each reflection fosters the right type of humility and maintains a purity of vision for the future.

Things move rapidly today and it's easy to see growth in your life and want to rush towards the finish line. Pace yourself instead as you already know things rushed can make a waste of an opportunity that you've been looking forward to experiencing. But still, by giving yourself some leeway as far as your emotional states go, you can become a more effective person.

With that said, the only person holding you back is yourself. If you allow yourself to mature and enable yourself to process emotional signals the right way with the right level of emotional distance, you can go far in whatever you set your mind to. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. You tend to take things much too emotionally and you end up holding yourself back. Neptune is a very big planet. It has a strong gravitational field, and it does have quite a bit of influence. You have an ability to feel deeply for others.


Your Horoscope for the Week of March 4 — March Horoscopes

This is a great gift. The problem is you need to know when to hold back. You need to know how to contain it. Otherwise, you fail to fully live up to your potential. You should avoid being too emotional. I know this would be very difficult because you are a Pisces, after all.

Daily Horoscopes For March 4, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign

Pisces people are the essence of water signs. With that said, with enough trial and error, and unfortunately negative experiences, you would be able to come up with workable boundaries around your emotions and look at life with the proper distance. Lemon chiffon is a beautiful, creamy yellow color. It has everything going for it. The problem is it takes quite a bit of effort to take lemon chiffon from an idea into reality. Things just have to fall into the right place. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 4 th of March are — 25, 44, 60, 25, 78, and Growing up in the shadow of a celebrity couple is never easy, but this has always been the case for Brooklyn Beckham, the son of superstar soccer player David Beckham and former Spice Girl and singer, Victoria Beckham.