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The House of the moon will tell you what you long for the most, and the House of Mercury will tell you what you are the most curious about.

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The 2nd House is always opposed to the 8th House, since one's personal resources rarely apply to the unknown and uncontrollable. And so on.

Moon – Mars Aspects in the Natal Chart

Also the twelve signs of the Zodiac have natural oppositions, as mentioned and seen on the illustration above. Observe that the Ascendant and Medium Coeli cannot form an exact opposition, and it is very unlikely that they even come close - except for latitudes close to the poles of the Earth.

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Native oppositions Oppositions in a birth chart never change. They show characteristics that you are born with and will keep all through your life. Pay attention to what Houses they are in. That shows in what area of your life the oppositions mostly express themselves. Also, consider how long the opposition lasted in the sky, at the time of your birth: Some come and go very quickly, so they are quite personal, whereas others those of the outer planets remain for years, so they are shared by a whole generation.

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Transit oppositions Transit oppositions are those formed by the planets up in the sky to the points in your complete horoscope chart. Like the conjunction, it happens only once in each planet's orbit around the sun. For example, every year the sun returns to the spot opposite the one it had when you were born - half a year from your birthday.

For the moon, this is done in just a month.

Of course, they form oppositions with all the other planets of the horoscope along the way. The slowest planet Pluto takes years to complete its orbit, so many of its opposition will not take place in a lifetime. Here are the times it takes for the planets and other points to make one rotation around the Zodiac, in round numbers - from a geocentric perspective, ie.

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So, Pluto causes big and lasting changes, whereas the moon does little more than influence your mood at the moment. Progressions Progressions are aspects formed by imaginary movement of the planets and other points in the birth chart. They don't correspond to any actual movement of the planets. Therefore, they should be used with care. But many astrologers regularly consider progressions, so you may want to try it.

I rarely do it, which is why I don't present it further here. Transits make much more sense to me.


Orb Orb is the measure of what angle is to be regarded as an aspect. That usually takes more than a year for Pluto, but no more than about four hours for the moon. You take the shortest route to fulfill your desires and often forget to consider the needs of others. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of a situation, you will often win because of your passion and energy.

Natal Moon Opposite Pluto- Potential Mastery

Winning at any cost will come at a price and your intimate relationships suffer the most. The key to maintaining harmony in relationships is to choose your battles with more care and consideration. Always try to think before reacting and think about how your loved ones will be affected. With some self-control, you can learn to live with some minor irritations. Cooperation and letting little things ride are not signs of weakness or defeat. You can apply your aggressive instincts and emotional energy into hard work and things you are passionately devoted to.


Standing up for the rights of vulnerable people or those less fortunate than you are great ways to channel your fighting spirit. If you cannot express your emotional frustrations and anger, you may be the victim of aggression from others. This seems a less common manifestation of Moon opposite Mars but it can lead to dangerous situations such as domestic violence if left unresolved.

Moon opposite Mars transit can make you moody and short-tempered. Little things will annoy you that you would normally ignore. Anger and a tendency to act without thinking increase the risk of minor irritations turning into arguments or fights. Being alone will stop conflict but you still need to let off steam without causing harm.