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These planetary transits would be responsible for giving different results throughout , which would add to your passion, vigor, and strength, thus showing variable outcomes. Saturn rules the tenth house, which is the house of Career.

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Mercury rules the Sixth House of your birth chart, known as the House of Service. Mars rule the First house, and play an important role in building your personality, mental strength, and taking a better approach in career.

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The Aries Career horoscope predicts that Saturn would give you challenges to test your patience, Jupiter would give you guidance, and Mars being in its exalted state, would give good results in Career. These planets would affect your career graph, the way you approach your professional life, and how you handle work situations. Until 24 January , Saturn would be in the Ninth House of duty, after which it would transit to the tenth House of Career, and stay there until April During its tenure in this house of Career, you will have to keep a stable mind, maintain your calmness, and keep working hard, so that you get excellent results once it leaves this house.

Remember that Saturn being the taskmaster among the planets, gives optimum results after you have surpassed the challenges it presents you with to test your caliber, will-power and patience. Saturn, the Lord of the tenth House of Career, would be placed in the tenth House itself. This would be good for all of you Aries natives, as you would feel the increase in your seniority and punctuality at your work place. However, because of this placement you might also face contradictions and disagreements with your colleagues and seniors at your workplace.

You might think of changing your job and look out for prospective opportunities in However, remember that, no matter where you go, you will have to work hard and put in your sincere efforts throughout the year, because of the presence of Saturn.

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It is advised that you do not take any decision hurriedly, and understand that the transit of Saturn in your House of Career will present new opportunities, for which you should be waiting for the right time. For the businesspersons, it is important that that you work hard try to maintain your clients, and value them in order to keep your business growing and intact.

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Your business partner might even demand extra than they deserve, so try to deal with them in the proper way. You might experience some delays in foreign proposals as well as business dealings with your native place. Therefore, just keep your patience and wait for the right time so that your needs are fulfilled. However, in the year , Libra moon sign natives are going to be more manipulative than emotional.

You will be action-oriented with a strong self-confidence and grit to outperform competitors, in the year This year will be full of excitement and affection for Libra moon sign natives on the love front.

Strong bonding in family relationships is anticipated. The year also promises good income gains through your dynamic and resourceful approach. The placement of Jupiter in your 3 rd and 4 th house during the beginning of the year is going to offer you some travel opportunities which will help you in expanding your trade.

This placement will also offer you a sturdier connect with your siblings. The months of May-June will demand caution over health and investments. The period between July and September will be a little risky for the health and well-being of your parents. The months of August-September can make you egoistic and you may face temperamental issues as Rahu will be moving in Gemini sign along with the placement of Venus in your 8 th house.

According to the Libra Horoscope, the period after 23 rd September when Rahu transits into your 8 th house, is going to be a significant period to mend your relationship with your father or seniors. Clear off your debts if any , during this time, and be respectable towards elders and seniors at work. The end of the year will be on neutral grounds, where negative energies will stabilize but no major feats are foreseen. The year will be a promising year for Libra moon sign professionals, as the Libra Career horoscope indicates growth at workplace. The planet Moon rules the house of your career, as a result the changes in your work life will be quick and sudden, to the effect that you will need to be on your toes to match with its effect.

While opportunities to grow will be immense, you be put through challenges, trial sand tribulation every now and then to test your grit and determination towards your professional objective. For those who are keen on starting their own business will get the required support from family member and also from seniors, to finally take the plunge.

According to Libra Career Horoscope predictions, chances of getting a new project or business deal from a foreign country is high, during this year. You will share a good rapport with your co-worker and subordinates and they will stand by you through the professional ups and downs that you will encounter during the year Hard work and efforts are going to mold your destiny to give out favorable results on career. Libra moon sign natives will have their hands full during the year as promotions and salary increments will come through them, but not without attesting their mettle to the world.

Being patient and alert would help a great deal for your professional growth. You must avoid making hasty decisions to reap good results at work front. The year will bring volumes of work to your forte, you will be required to maximize your efforts and gladly, the results will be equally rewarding.

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Libra January Horoscope: Libra, your January Horoscope advises you to move ahead with proper plans and tactics. Extra care is required from August to December The prospects of progeny for Aries natives are tremendous. The Aries Marriage Horoscope predicts that the period from May to June would be the perfect time for you to plan a family, but medical consultation will be required. It will be a signifier of new beginnings. If single, there are good chances of Proposal, new encounters and new companionship.

These slots ensure a stable marital relationship with a strong bond and exceptional mutual understanding between the partners. There are chances of you being inclined towards your contrary sex. Make an attempt to maintain strategic distance from your contrary sex during this time slot. You believe in leading and dominating your relationship and marriage, which can lay grounds for arguments and conflicts.

By the end of , Mars will move to your twelfth house of bed pleasures.

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Sexual magnitude will be high on intimacy scale. Your sex life is going to be quite active and frequent. There will be hardly any emotional strings attached. Hastiness and forcefulness should be avoided in order to keep up amicable relations.