Piscean delusions horoscope

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Learn to use your psychic gifts responsibly. The point is to inspire people, not to create cultlike worshippers, and you can tip those scales. No matter your physical appearance, you possess a radiant inner beauty best described as "angelic. As such, you must find ways to guard against exploitation by con artists and the emotional barnacles who love latching onto you.

Leo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Being the most sensitive of all water signs, you absorb energy like a sponge, often unaware that you're carrying a far too heavy load. When you crash, it's a mess of passive-aggressive resentment, nervous breakdowns, and chaos. In extreme cases, you can veer toward self-destruction like Pisces Kurt Cobain. To remain balanced, surround yourself with guides who can help you release your codependent and destructive urges.

How Mentally Stable Each Of The Zodiac Signs Are

The confession booth was practically designed for you, since guilt is a burden you carry. A great therapist, life coach, or spiritual counselor is a must-have. Create a personal retreat center for yourself as well—a one-woman sanctuary where you can unwind in private and shut out the world's demands. In affairs of the heart, you're a bohemian love child, willing to drop everything and hop on the tour bus with your latest rock-star boyfriend.

Pisces as a mental illness (Schizophrenia)

Unfortunately, you're prone to romantic escapism, losing sight of your own needs in your quest to pump up your partner's self-worth. In a perfect world, you'd strengthen your commitment to your own life path before you walk down the aisle. This helps you choose a mutually supportive and rewarding relationship with a fellow philosopher-poet.

Ruler: Neptune, the planet of enchantment, illusion, and divine guidance. Your gifts: poetic imagination, compassion, boundless generosity.

Your issues: flightiness, flakiness, delusion, addiction. Your saving grace: your ability to cast a spell on people with genuine care. Your path: to walk people down the path to their dreams.

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Love 'em: Scorpio , Taurus. Notsomuch: Gemini , Sagittarius.

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How Pisces Season 12222 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Type keyword s to search. If you had it your way, you would probably go about in a bathing suit all day, throwing on a plastic bag or two when it got cold. You're flexible, though.


If you buy a power suit and wear it like you mean it, you will eventually grow into it. Once you get past the hang-up of having something on your feet, you're prone to buying tons of shoes, so at least your toes can have some variety in their prison.

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Moonstones are a good bet to adorn your body in strange places. Belly chains, anklets and, especially, toe rings cast a fantastical glimmer over whatever it is you're wearing. Hair that is long and tangled quickly becomes hair that is long and braided when the Fish needs a quick fix. When left in your natural state, you don't give a lot of thought to clothing.