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Yes, the Lion and the Crab can be great friends. However, let me stress on the fact that the characteristics that they have will definitely have an impact on how good or bad their friendship will be. So if you are considering making friends with a Leo or a Cancer, it is wise for you to first reflect on your own personality. If you are a Leo, who traditionally, wants to exert leadership in any kind of relationship, you need to practice this in a cautious manner, especially since Cancer has the tendency to follow everything that you will say.

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This can then result in you taking advantage of the other. On the other hand, if you are a Cancer, you also have to be careful in who you trust and who you want to follow. The answer will depend on how prepared you are to face the challenges that will come your way and how willing you are to come to terms with the contrasting and similar characteristics that both of you have.

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Keep in mind that the different personalities that a Leo and a Cancer has have the tendency to hurt both of their prides. However, Leo Cancer compatibility for this year will work well if the one who has the sign of the Lion will feel very contented when the other one who has the sign of the Cancer will shower him or her with praises. I would also like to put emphasis that the match between these two signs of the Zodiac this year of the snake may result in a great marriage, as long as they show righteous commitment and loyalty to each other.

If you are a Leo you are much more likely to find love compatibility with an Aries. So in a nutshell, I am happy to say that while this Leo Cancer compatibility analysis for this year started out in a not-so-positive way, the end results have the high potential of being great. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Hey there! Sign in.

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With the fire in her eyes, wild hair, and slender but feminine figure, she will always be the center of the party. Men fall on their knees in front of the beautiful and attractive Leo woman, while she enjoys that, giving them even more motive to be fascinated. This side of the Leo woman is sometimes so sweet and loveable that it is hard to resist her, but she also has her self-centered, egoistic side, which is a lot less cute.

However, the Leo woman is aware of this side of her character and how repulsive she can look at the times.

She tries to compensate with her endless charm and generosity — the two strongest traits within the Leo woman, that you will forgive her anything and even ask for more. Still, the Leo woman is a great friend, a person who will motivate you to always look for the best things for yourself, luxury, love, whatever — but only the top-notch things in life. She has a great humor and is witty so that her friend especially love to be around her when they are down.

This lady needs a strong partner in life that will take the threads sometimes when she loses her compass.

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Even though the Leo woman believes she is faultless, he should draw a line when it comes to ignoring eventual mistakes. Still, the Leo woman is so generous with her feelings and is an emotional creature. The Fire sign such as the Leo woman bursts of passion and physical strength, so being intimate with the woman like this is a true challenge and satisfaction at the same time. Both the Pisces man and the Leo woman are passionate and loyal personalities, even though in different ways.

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This will create a powerful bond that tends to become unbreakable if the partners play their cards right. Leo woman has high expectations of her partner and she will expect him to focus on her only. Even if someone else lets her down, this woman wants to know that she can count on her partner. Pisces man is the right man for her in this aspect, as he will admire and worship her — exactly what the Leo woman needs.

This man can offer her comfort, a safe harbor, and will help her rebuild her broken pieces. The thing is — the Leo woman is adored by many and she has many friends. Pisces man is relatively friendly, but she might find it difficult to understand this side of his partner. Leo woman acts as if this is normal and enjoys having so many people around her, while the Pisces man is a home type. As the Pisces man has issues with his confidence, he will find the Leo woman too flirty, which will hurt his emotions, without her even realize that.

Further, the Leo woman is ambitious, sometimes too ambitious, so the Pisces man will feel neglected and unhappy, even though there will be no reason for that. Pisces man and the Leo woman are a true blessing to each other when it comes to intimacy.

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He is a king of romance, while the Leo woman shows off her passion and her dominant side unselfishly. Even though they lack some other things in a relationship, the intimacy aspect will keep them together. As the Pisces man and the Leo woman are lusty creatures, none of them will want to search for another partner. Even though their type of love is different, that will actually bring in some dynamics in the bedroom, so the couple will never get bored of each other.

Pisces man is a bit hard when it comes to feeling secure about new friends.

He spills his heart so much, that he loses his trust in people at one point. Pisces man will see her as friendly and good-natured, ignoring her negative sides, knowing that he has some too. He will always be there to give her a good advice and boost her ego when it is needed, while the Leo woman will motivate the Pisces man and make him move a bit.