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Tibetan Buddhism. Zen Buddhism. New Testaments. Old Testaments. Bible readings. Bible studies: for individual or small group study. Biblical commentaries. Biblical concordances.

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Church history. Baptist Churches. Methodist Churches. Pentecostal Churches. Quakers Religious Society of Friends. Roman Catholicism. The Early Church. Christian aspects of sexuality. Christian counselling. Christian instruction. Christian sacraments. Christian liturgy. Christian hymnals. Christian prayerbooks. Christian sermons. Christian mysticism. Christian theology. Christian worship. Christian prayer.

The historical Jesus. Hindu sacred texts. Hindu worship. Islamic theology. Islamic worship.

The Koran. Judaism: mysticism. Judaism: sacred texts. Judaism: theology. Judaism: worship. Other non-Christian religions. Oriental religions. Tribal religions.

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Religion: general. Comparative religion. History of religion. Interfaith relations. Philosophy of religion.

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Religious ethics. Religious fundamentalism. Religious intolerance. Language learning: specific skills. Listening skills. Reading skills. Writing skills. Language readers. Language self-study texts. Screenwriting techniques. Public speaking guides.

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Journalistic style guides. Technical writing. Computational linguistics. Palaeography history of writing. Writing systems. Philosophy of language. Language acquisition.

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Discourse analysis. Sign languages. International law. International law of transport. International maritime law.

PISCES - "THEY WERE LYING AND YOU KNEW IT! 💔" September Love Tarot 2019.

Transnational commercial law. International law reports.

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Public international law. Diplomatic law. International criminal law. International environmental law. International human rights law. International humanitarian law.

Law of the sea. Customary law.

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Settlement of international disputes. International arbitration. Comparative law. Criminology: legal aspects. Law as it applies to other professions. Legal history. Legal profession: general. Systems of law. Common law. Ecclesiastical canon law. Islamic law. Roman law. Laws of Specific jurisdictions.